The Babymamma

So I know its been a while. I’ve been so busy with this so-called life that I haven’t the chance to let it out…

So as we all have come to know that I am married so it’s no longer reeplus3 it’s now reeplus5. Meaning that now it is me (of course), my husband and our now 4 children. I now have to deal with baby momma’s. Something I have never had to deal with so this is a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE for me. I have never known petty or immaturity until these 2 women have stepped into the scene.

Baby momma #1 well she was cool at first. She would let us get our daughter (yes I call her my daughter too), she would include us in her (our daughter) life and was accepting of the fact the my husband is married. She was accepting to the fact that her daughter now would have a little brother and big sister. Until she started to feel left out. Our daughter started to want to spend more time with us and spoke very fondly of us. I’m assuming it was too much for her to witness. Her daughter having love for us. Then it was also heartbreaking to her to see that her child’s father had found love outside of her. She has assumed that he would come back to her and they would be the family that we are.

In an attempt to end our AMERICAN DREAM she spread lies and attempted to tarnish my good name. She went as far as putting the children in her lies. Leaving me no other choice but to seek legal counsel. That story is still being written.

Baby momma number 2.
OMG! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS BITCH! The main reason I have such an issue with woman (and I use term loosely) is she is doesn’t understand the blessing she has been given and is refusing to accept it. I’ll explain (with a little history); I have 2 children by a man who make ABSOLUTELY NO ATTEMPT at seeing, talking or being with his children. For years I have begged for at the very least of him to spend 5 minutes with them. I receive no assistance from him what so ever. No child support. No medical support. No housing. No nothing. Yet this woman has a man who is able and willing to be there. Willing to relieve the burden of raising a child. This is a man that no a day goes by he doesn’t say I love you to his children. Our daughter (my daughter) still gets tucked into bed nightly by this man. This man provides emotional, mental, economical, and financial support. This is a man that shows up and to every event. This is a man that asks how about school days. Whips noses. Provides tissues and a shoulder to lean. This man is the meaning of family, This man has shown the true definition of love passion and compromise. He is a GREAT father and friend. So for her to act in such a way, to attempt to tarnish his name. To tell his own child that he abandoned him. When we all know the truth. The hurt I see in eyes that bring pain to my heart each time his son is mentioned. OMG the nerve of this woman. My anger for her is so much deeper. For years I longed for a man like the husband I have.  A father a friend a partner. I try to pray for her. We have tried to work things out like mature adults but when all she can display is the actions of child just entering into their teen years, there are only 2 ways in which we can handle her. 1) take it the street life (the option she wants) and beat the shit out of her and input a fear in her so deep her ancestors weep for her or 2) take her to court and fight for full custody. We chose option 2. It took a lot for us to choose option 2 being that both of us are able to convert between street and business. The street part of wanted to attack her but we wanted all of our children to be us.

The biggest issue is now that both of these woman who didn’t think he would amount to anything now both want him back and is devastated that he won’t return. When he was down and trying to find his self they all left him. Breaking him in the process. He developed trust issues that he is still fighting today. Now that this man has done a complete 360 from the man they knew. No more drug dealing staying on people’s couches asking for bus fare. Now a grown man with a career (and tenure on the job), a home, a family, a dream, a plan, ambition, motivation, determination and encouragement.  They hate it. Instead of congratulating him they condemned him. I will say this tho as long as I have breath in my body I will lift him up. I will pray over him, for him and with him.

We will see our children. They will return to his arms. God got us.


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