So let me get this right Trump is trying to shoot blanks at Clinton for false allegations of rape. One thing I will say about Bill Clinton is he was a GREAT PRESIDENT he may of had his flaws as a man, however as a man he accepted his flaws. He accepted the consequences for his actions. He has done all in his power to right his wrongs. Hell he even was impeached because of some of the decisions he choose as a man. Not for something he did specifically for the american people but for the shame he brought to his wife and family (who may I add are still standing by his side 20+ yrs later). But Trump wants to use this information as fuel for his campaign. Never once have heard or even whispered of former President Clinton stating that women do not deserve to be treated as equal human beings. Never once have I heard of him stating he just want to “grab them by the pussy”. That we are less educated.
Trump outrages me! He is what makes America looks horrible. There is no way to make “America great again” if he takes office. We meaning the american people will self destruct. We are only as strong as the one we appoint as commander and chief. Mark my words Trump takes office, America will go to war. There is no if, it will only be when. If Trump takes office, our women and children are no longer safe nor will they be educated the same. If Trump takes office, understand they you will no longer have your basic rights. We Will Become Under Marshal Law. Trump is modern day HITLER. Is that what you want? Are we going to let our children believe that the bully wins? Are we going to let our children see that if you are the biggest meanest ugliest person (by ugliest I am not speaking physical attributes) you can be president? Commander and Chief of the Free World? Do we want to let our children down and tell them that our ancestors fought like hell for our freedom to go back to enslavement in the year 2016? People please understand I will not tell who to vote for or why to vote, but please vote. I understand that this whole election has felt more like a joke. Like a old re-run of SNL. Like some skit a writer came up one night after having drinks with the guys, but sadly it is not. This our country’s future at hand. Do not sit home and say I will not vote period. The truth is we have choose one or the other and honestly I rather have Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. IF you chose not to vote but oppose Donald Trump guess what …. Your non-vote has just became a valid vote for Trump. If you choose to sit at home and post status about the presidency however refuse to vote guess what… That is another valid vote. Take control. Take action. Vote. Especially Women Please, if you are 18+ get to those polls and VOTE


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