I have been a rollercoaster ride and honestly I have been enjoying this ride. The ups downs. The deception. The betrayal. The rumors and the gossip. The small moments where love was real. The sacrifice. The compromise. The promises kept and the promises broken. The game called life is one hell of a game.
I ‘m the piece  described as that  crazy cool  rocking some jeans with a low cut top. Fresh pair of chucks. Heat tucked in the back. Fatty rolled out the loud pack. All about trying to make that dolla back.
I’m the piece everyone fight over.. Like the car or the money bag  in monopoly. I’m the first place prize. The game winning shot. Yeah that’s confidence and knowledge of self. When you fully realize all that you have to bring to any table…. you’ll eat alone before sharing another plate.
My life over the past month maybe 2 has been a game changer. I can’t say that I am surprise with all that happen. Some shit just was pre destined. I never go into anything not expecting hiccups. That’s a part of life that needs to be accepted. Did I expect the foolishness. The fuckery. The Betrayal. The Disloyalty. Modern Day Judas. Did I expect the same one that said I Love You be the same one who looked me in my eyes as he pushed me off the cliff. Hell no. I didn’t expect none of it. But I welcome it all. I need this taste of realization. I needed to taste what it felt like to be human again. I needed to be reminded what feelings and hearts and flowers were.
Over the years I’ve become so closed up, ,cold hearted, mean and unstable that I really had no concern for any other living organism. I let people believe they were as close as purple is to rain when in reality not a damn rain cloud in the sky….
What is funniest about everything that has transpired I don’t hate him. I’m not even mad at him. I wish nothing but the best for him. I thank him for showing me life again. There were moments that I will cherish, there are moments that I will go back to as reminders. Either way it was a great lesson learned.


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