The Twin

The twin is a character I tell you. So the other night I let her go stay the night with her Uncle Pat and Aunt Passion. She, I assume had a great time. With all the children in that neighborhood I would think it’s hard for a child not to have a great time right. Then again I don’t think most kids now a days no what fun is. They would rather sit in the house yelling and screaming while they control our minds with endless hours of brain washing characters dancing across this giant screen someone decided to invent and place in my living room. How  dare they s/he invent such a thing! Now my child doesn’t understand that being grounded indoors is not a luxury. Anyway before I go even farther left field then intended… Let me get back to the topic at hand.

So yesterday evening after I get off work. As much as I would rather go the hospital and prepare myself to sleep on this slab of concrete with cold metal like  blankets in a room where the temperature is kept at a high of 46 DEGREES. I go to pick up my twin. She isn’t excited to see me as I expected her to be…..NOT. The twin thinks I am single handedly responsible for ruining her fabulous life. I mean but honestly I am…. Well sort of… I think. Everything she hates I make her do. I mean she is 10 now. It’s time for her to earn her way. So yes I now make her clean her room and run her own bath water. I do not feel the need to stay in the bathroom with her to ensure she brushing her teeth. I make her get her own clothes together (I still add some small input here) I make her wait until noon to go outside. I tell no more phones time after 8pm… Hey what I know I am the meanest mommie ever. I would do my evil laugh but what’s the point if you won’t hear it….I got side tracked again…….Ugh that happens often. Oh well not a major concern right now.

So anyway. I come in and the other children that recognize me say hello and of course my nephew hugs me and ask’d me can he head butt me. I think I will save that for when I need a vacation from work or I don’t know want to go into a coma… I  actually went ahead and participated in the butting of one’s head. Needless to say I had a headache for the rest of the night….Anyway upon our arrival my significant other decided that we would stay and partake in the company of other adults who may stimulate on intellect… needless to say that did not go as planned… My significant other decided to play the latest version of playstation. I sat and enjoyed a little social media however once my phone went dead I had to find another way to entertain myself.

Which I was fully ready to do. I mean anything would’ve been more fun than sitting in the doorway of my nephew’s bedroom. Yes I  was unintentionally blocking the entrance. I had to put my phone on the charger and that was the only charger available at the time. So anyway my brother calls my twin in to put some shoes on her feet. As she enters back into the house she sees me in the doorway. Yes I am still sitting here because…well I don’t have a reason I just haven’t gotten up yet. We all have lazy moments I deserve mine!

At first I was going to do the polite thing and just move out of the way so that the twin can just go get her shoes and exit…… Then she decided to speak. Or not speak I should be saying…. She stands in front of like she is the lunch room bully or something. At this point I had to take a look at myself. I had almost forgotten who I was. My brother ask her why she standing there instead of getting her shoes and continuing with her carefree life. Her response……and I quote  “Because SHE is right there. In My Way”… To say excuse me is so foreign. Of course I hurried and settled myself back into the doorframe. I have decided I should spend some time here. I was hoping that she would save me and just say excuse me. But nooooo not Twin everything has to be so difficult.. Of course because I am ruining her life

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