Is it easy…?

This morning I was asked how’s the married life… I had to pause and really think of the answer to that question. Yes overall it is great! I am married to the most amazing man in the world.  However marriage is a full time job. The road is far from smooth and straight. There are ditches, bumps, detours, curvy lanes and construction. For sure there are ups and downs as in all relationships. However in a marriage you can’t call quits. Everyday you must work to make it better then the day before. You have to remember why you first fell in love and keep that fire burning.

You have to remember to remove “me” “you” and “I” and replace it with “us” “we” and “our”. You have to compromise, sacrifice and look at the bigger picture on how things will not only affect you but affect your mate. Understand that there will be arguments/disagreements/spats, that’s undeniable  however in marriage you have to learn to communicate with your mate appropriately. **Words that fall on open ears can’t be taken back**.  Our actions, reactions and communication no longer reflect just our individual selves. Whatever is said and or done will reflect on the both of you.

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