Being hurt

I am so tired of being hurt by the ones that are supposed to love me. Protect me. I try too hard and do too much to be treated like a pile of shit constantly. I’ve at work all day and haven’t been able to stop crying yet. My feelings are hurt. My heart is broken. My mind is wandering. I am lost and see no light. I just need one person. And yes I know pray pray pray. Go to GOD.. GIve it too GOD. I  know these things I do. But I need help here to in a physical sense.

I am hurting so bad. My husband is talking about leaving me. He said he wouldn’t leave. He said he’ll be there for me. Said he won’t leave but I guess that’s was a lie. Sad thing is I’m not surprised. I’m the girl that wasn’t meant to have everlasting love or commitment. I’m the temporary girl until the real one comes along. No one knows how bad I hurt on the inside. I’m afraid to open up and let anyone in because they won’t do anything but judge me and turn me away. I’m scared and searching blindly for answers..,

I just need help

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