My body doesn’t want to be itself anymore. It is aching all over and begging to be laying in the bed with covers and pillows surrounded it. My throat is itchy and a little raspy. My arms are weak and need to be held up or supported. My legs…oh my legs. Limber and loose. Just dangling down there wish it didn’t have to hold the weight from up top. My chest is being held down by what seems to be a baby elephant. I do not have any headaches but there is a ache that comes and goes behind my eyes and in my forehead… But it is not an headache. My mouth is dry (no matter how much I drink) and I think I may vomit.. I know I keep getting dizzy and confused and I’m freezing like a Floridian coming to Alaska for vacation. The theometor is playing tricks on me saying it’s 73 in here. It must have dyslexia because it’s more like 37. My fingers are stiff and my toes feel frostbitten. I want to go wherever my body wants to go but we are not communicating effectively right now. My body and I..Ugh being sick totally suck!

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