I’ve been waiting to blog about my marriage because I didn’t want to share the regular mushy stuff that most talk about when they first marry. I want to talk about marriage in a whole (at least from what I know so far).

**Marriage is a roller coaster ride that never ends**

As many know this is my first time with this whole married thing and honestly I am loving every moment. There of course are times of frustration, anger, resentment and even guilt. However there are the moments that can’t be captured with words or even in  pictures. The peace, the calmness,  the gentleness, the forgiveness, the I love you’s, the promise of forever unconditional love, the apologies, the make ups. I love every moment and wouldn’t change any of it for nothing in this world.

One thing I had to learn is how to talk to my husband. I have to think of how to approach him. I had to realize that I can not talk at him,or talk as if he beneath me. I’ve learned that even in anger I need to be careful of how I present myself to him. I don’t want to intentionally say anything to hurt him. And with the way my mouth is set up  sometimes, I speak without thinking first. Prior to my husband I never gave a hoot how my actions (or reactions) affected someone else. I would just tell them to love me or hate but deal with it and don’t jump back. I’ve learned with my husband I can not be that way. I need to be careful of what I put out into the universe. Although yes, I could apologize and buy gifts to show I am apologetic however words that fall on open ears is not something that can be taken back. Believe it takes practice to watch what is said or thought for that matter.

Another thing we did is rededicated our lives to Christ as one. We allowed Christ to be the head of our home and our only mediator. We learned to pray daily for our marriage. We pray not because anything is wrong. We pray to show thanks. We are very much thankful humble and blessed to have one another, so we thank GOD daily for allowing our souls to meet yet again. We know that some search the world their entire lives and never find the happiness we have. So with that we give thanks.

Lastly we both come from shaded past. We are learning together how to tackle the baggage.  We are a work in progress but we know as long as we continue working at this together we will pass the test of time.

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