High Density Housing?

I would really like to know you all’s opinion on this…I’m sorry, why not renovate the old school and reopen the doors to educate. I’m just saying how can you say serving as a good will do no good. There are millions of children born daily and you what is currently matching that number? Correctional Institutions. Prisons. They could open this school up for students that struggle in a main stream setting. For example students will mild to moderate developmental or social disabilities. Students with ADHD.ODD. ADD. Detachment and/or Abandonment issues. Children that have been victims of crimes. Some level 4 students’ placement depending upon the level of attention needed for the behaviors displayed. These are all children that could largely benefit from having a school (this school) renovated and reopen to cater to their needs. Have you ever or dealt directly with a child that struggles with above mention disabilities? It is very hard for them to flourish without the necessary assistance and guidance to achieve! Instead they are suggested of renovated into an “high density housing” aka public housing because and I quote “more softball fields are needed.. Not they I  do not believe there is a need for affordable housing I just find it be a priority on my list to educate our youth to make a better and brighter tomorrow.


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