Abortion…. Yah or Nay?

Myself I am against abortion however I will not judge someone else if they make that decision. After all I do not know what happen to put them in a place where that decision had to be made. However for myself I just feel if you are blessed with such a gift. The gift of reproduction, then it should be cherished. And yes, I know some will argue “Well what if it’s a product of rape” or “What if I (we) aren’t financially/mentally stable to handle such a responsibility”? Well truth is no is ever 100% ready for a child regardless of how much we “prepare”. I have a friend that had twins’ boys and yes she was a rape victim. She was not in a place financially to carry the weight of 2 additional mouths. However she carried her twin boys and has been raising them to be some pretty great gentlemen. Those 2 boys are now 14 yrs. old. I also know of several women who have chosen to abort the child. Neither of these women have I ever judged or treated differently because of the decisions they made.

So in my walk of life I could never abort a child. If the LORD blesses me with the gift of life who am I to say that life shouldn’t live. Again I could not. However different stokes for different folks. What’s not for me maybe for you.



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