lost found lost and now on ice

I was lost and found and then left for lost again. I thought everything was perfect. I thought I’ve finally found my yang. I felt he completed me in every way. This is the first time that I’ve been without and felt far more than sexual. This man found me when I was lost. Lost in heartless world. I was in a place where love did not exist. Love was not a noun. Something I’ve never imagined touching seeing or learning of. He came in chasing away the storm clouds. I got to see the sun. I got to feel intimacy. I felt a connection far more than anything I have ever imagined. But in the end I was only dreaming again. As fast as he gave the taste of love the clouds were replaced. Am I cursed? This time I am building a fortress nearly impossible to penetrate. I will not open myself up like this ever again. This pain is unbearable even to the strongest of them all. Thank you for the lesson. I’ll go ahead and place this heart back on ice. Maybe someone else will have use for it once I pass away, after all I am a donor.

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