So this morning while driving to work, I was listening to the radio as always. Today I happen to be listening to KMOJ. I must say I was not pleased. Truthfully I haven’t been pleased with them the last couple times I’ve listened. However, I will only talk about today.

There are far more important issues affecting the community then which arm rest is yours at the movie theater. There are rally’s being held. The KKK is trying to comeback in full force. Churches are being burnt down. Women are burying their children. Men are dying. Crime. Undereducated. Misdirected/misguided. Misuse of funding. Democracy. A war is arising. I mean just to list a few of the issues that are affecting us.   But we rather discuss arm rest.  HA! Then we wonder why people such as Donald Trump feel okay to say the things he did about the Hispanic community (He has made similar comments referencing the black community).
The fact is we are either preventing or promoting some of our own problems. If we are not going to take the time at every opportunity to educate our communities then YES we are promoting our own destruction. Be the action behind the words.  We can prevent some of these issues by talking, educating, molding and acting out on what we stand for.

If we want our boys to grow into men then we need to teach then what a MEN is and what MEN do. FYI being a thug/gangsta/drug dealer/hustler/pimp/player is not a MAN. Those are just corrupted decisions a MAN made. Teach our youth where Leaders/ Kings come from. Stop limiting them to believe that the corner is the only employer.
Same goes for our girls. We need them to grow in Women with substance morals and respect. The saying goes teach them the way to when they are young and they will follow into adulthood. Our girls are left in this world believing they are only good for lying on their backs.

Our children are dying before they get a chance at living because of the lack of proper training. Show them the book more than the bottle. Talk with them instead of at them. Educate them and let them educate you.  Teach them our history. Let them know to be proud of who they are and where they originated from. We came from royalty. We and Kings and Queens our crowns just seemed to be a bit tarnished. Wipe that dust off and let’s reclaim our Kingdom.

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