Growing up vs Growing apart

Growing Up

So often I see people say “Oh I am bettering myself so I have to distance myself from everyone that is not on the same route as me.” I don’t believe this to be true. Why do I have to discontinue life long relationships just to step higher up the ladder? Why is it if you are not heading in the same direction as me I have to disown you, put you down or act as if you are beneath me? Bettering one’s self should include to be humbling. I would never disown or think that I am better then someone because I decided to climb the corporate ladder a little higher then some of those  I considered close. One my road to self growth it does not (nor have not) detached me from anyone; if any it has shined light on who is where and why…  I won’t just up and walk away from anyone or anything. I leave that space vacant for the next to do…

Growing Apart

Different from growing up however people seems to place these 2 things together. As we grow what we enjoy or have in common with people may change. We may not no longer have the same interest or hobbies. ie.. When I was younger I enjoyed taking long walks around the lake ….wait I still enjoy that. Bad example.. Ok here’s one… when I was younger I loved coloring/painting however now that I older I do not have that same interest. I no longer like to color/paint. For this reason a old friend and myself may grow apart. Maybe that friend still do however I do not. We lose common ground which is pretty much the base of any  relationship. Without that common denominator or ground there is no farther to go but apart.

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