When is it Love?

Every time you look into my eyes my souls is touched, Each time you whisper my heart responds. Is this love or lust . I long to be near you, with you every moment. They say give time to miss one another however a minute is too long to not have you here. When we depart I count the seconds minutes and hours until I can see you smile at me with your eyes. I fall asleep each night hoping and praying that when I wake this dream won’t end. That I will wake to see you smiling at me telling good morning as you softly kiss my lips. I complain of my morning breath and you say I love you anyway. Each morning I wake I lay in the bed for a moment longer because as much as I have to go I would rather spend eternity wrapped in your warm embrace. There is no one that has made me feel so complete. So new. So open. I want to give my all plus more to you. I want to make everyday a declaration of my love……our  love.

For some long I thought that I could not love or be loved in such a way that made me feel……….ALIVE. Being with you is like seeing the world though an infants eyes. It’s the when the leaves of Autumn fall. It’s like picnics in the springtime and beach fun in the summer. It’s like warm gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out the oven. It’s like Grandma’s cooking or mom’s mac n cheese.

I am not sure how to describe love until now I have never truly experienced it. So the question when is it love. I don’t know…. I do know that I do not want to wake up another day without seeing you next to me. I don’t want to sleep another night without your embrace. No one can melt me with just a look. I know you are the reason I look forward to forever. I know that if this is love then this is what I want forever and since they say nothing is forever I would love for you to be nothing forever. I Love You

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