Sometimes the hardest things to do is the smallest most simplest.

This morning I got so upset. Like my nerves were shot. My palms were sweating. My head was hurting. Like I was red inside. I felt the heat boiling inside of and I just wanted to seek and destroy. The worst part of it all I allowed someone else to put me in this place. I couldn’t think clearly for the most part and just wanted to act on the rage.


Now this where I am very much thankful for My God that I serve! I was not myself to the point of acting on those feelings but that is when HE step in. I secluded myself for a moment closed my eyes and breathe deeply. Self mediation if one should describe it. I had to take a moment to breathe in the life around me and with in me. I to take the moment to think if the situation problem or issue was this big to cause me to feel in such a way. Yes I had reason to be slightly upset but to that point no. I had to breathe to calm and coach myself to find the real problem and resolve that.

Take the time to breathe in all the life around you. Every action does not need an reaction. Sometimes you can let things go……..

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