Small things…

It is not as hard to please me as most would think. Yes at times I am a spoiled brat I can admit. But honestly the smallest things are what melt my heart. I enjoy just the pure company of another soul. No words need to spoken. Just to share a space with someone who wants to share that same space with me is enough. 
We could sit back on the porch sipping tea and watching the clouds float by. No need to rush the time of day. Just relax as if we are unaffected by raising or falling of the sun. 

The simple things. The ‘good morning beautiful’ text along with the quietness of the sun creeping though my sheer curtains that creates the light that shine  behind my eye. The pre-scheduled dates…………the unexpected magical moments where our eyes meet and the butterflies flutter within and my insides melts completely. The little things like when we’re sitting and you slowing rub my lower back just because. The soft kisses on my forehead or the blow across the back of my neck. The way you hold my hand while in traffic. 

Yeah the small things will keep me yours forever. Those small intimate moments are what make life!

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