Umm potential…………….?

To soon to really determine anything for sure. But um potential I see it. I wonder how he is he when we are out and about in public places. What is his outlook on family and the future? Where do he want to be in the next 5 to 10 years? Retirement plans and/or options? He matches my stride in some places, this I know already. He has some great qualities that I know of most of all he can make me laugh (which of course is the quickest and most efficient way to my heart)

I have never shared my list on what I think the right man for me is. I will today….. (Don’t laugh everyone does this…..)

1) Willingness to provide. I will go half on whatever, whenever. I refuse to carry the load alone when I don’t Have to

2) Support Me as much as I am going to support You so that We are Straight

3) Take me for who I am. Do not attempt to change me. I will not attempt to change you

4)Love me unconditionally without restrictions. Forget my past. Enjoy Our present. Look forward to our future,

Let’s write history

5) Be my Lover, my Friend, My Confidence, My Strength

6) Must Love Kids

7) Must know how to take and make jokes! Life is all about the laughter. We have laugh together just as much as we cry together.


I don’t have a lot of harsh or unrealistic hopes for the perfect man. I just want a real genuine one who would love and appreciate me. Not to much to ask for. All I ask is that he continue to try as hard as me.

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