All Lives Matter

My heart and prayers go out to #Baltimore. The killings need to end. Yes #BlackLivesMatter , however others do to. The violence must end. We will continue to be misused, abused, token advantage of, misinterpreted, mislead, hunted, tortured, killed, raped, misinformed, redirected and left for dead if we continue to react like wild animals. The time for protest is NOW, yes it is I agree on that. The time to stand and unite yes is NOW. But if we want to be heard, if we want to be respected and understood. If we them to acknowledge us as more than hunting season WE must show that we are not. Our educated leaders need to take a stand. Listen to the people. Communicate for the people. Fight for the people. There are Black Leaders that can raise their voices to bring movement among these devils, however they remain seated and honestly I can’t blame them. We are out here acting like animals looting and having violent riots throughout the same neighborhoods that we live in. We raise our children in. That is not what they want to represent. That is not what we want the media to cover.  WE need others to see that we are not only here but we make up a vast contribution of what we call the “Land of the Free”.  Let our voices be heard let our actions be the words that we speak. There is more power in the educated tongue then a thousand weapons. Let that be your sword. Let your stand be your armor. Stop the looting. Stop the senseless killings. Stop the violent rioting. Stop acting like caged wild animals. Stand up. Protest. Be heard.  Unite.


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