Searching or Waiting?

First off good morning! I woke feeling little more confident then I did yesterday with the decisions I’ve made recently.

Oh I haven’t mentioned my latest “decision”, have I. Well I am pretty sure this will end up being a deal breaker for some. However I am going to abstain from intercourse (in all forms). I am not restraining from intimacy, just sex basically. I’ve been with Mr Wrong on several occasions and well I figured this. Well maybe it’s not them but just maybe its………… I know as absurd as that sound even to me as I type the words and say them out loud.

Yes I am perfect. Perfect at being me that is. Which means I have flaws, imperfections as you may. There are some places that can use improvement. I will admit although I am not a fan of stating my wrongs. But, then again what women is? (insert laugh here) .

I chose to refrain from sex because that is my # 1 weakness (My friends and family have a bet going currently on how long I can go) (smh damn shame)! Yeah I some people have other addictions maybe more normal ones like I don’t know. Some people are addicted to chocolate. I am addicted to ecstasy. Passionate wild crazy submissive dominant role playing………………………………………………………………………………. Yeah lost me there for a moment. You get the point. Along with this no sex ordeal. I am also going to demonstrate extreme patience on choosing the next suitor.  I will be working on me. Making me a better me so that way when God’s ask am I ready I  can honestly and whole heartily say yes. You see I don’t want to go into another relationship with the frame of mind that this is not a forever thing. My next relationship I plan on being my last relationship. So yes I am taking a Major break from the worldly things and readying myself for the future.

I know this post here was a little personal but as I stated this is where you truly get to understand all that make me, ME.

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