Do you see me like I see me?

How often do we take the time to see the person that others see? I know who I portray to be. I know who I was and I know who I am.To me, that is. But how do others see me. Am the “strong” “independent” “don’t need a man” educated” “bougie-to a degree” “emotional wreck” “damsel in distress” “confident” “down to earth” “laid back” “intense” “God fearing” law breaking” “hopeless romantic” “fairy tale mermaid magic believing” “sexual” “soul mate searching” “no longer looking but patiently waiting” “family oriented” “fun” “funny” “compliant to the rules of business and life” “non-judgmental” “opinionated” “equal and fair however stern” “possessive with what I protect” “protective” “spiritual” “seeking” “firm yet gentle” “passionate” “flexible” demanding” “compromise-able” “reasonable” “team player” “lead” “closed and secretive” “open like a book” . There are so many different ways a person can see me but by chance is there one person that can see this all and see that this is what makes me? I am such a unique and complex being that sometimes I surprise myself (right now I am smilinmg as I write this).Well My kids are awake and we got a busy morning so…..

Laters ❤


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